Get Social With Us!

In the short-term and long-term, we will be organizing many events to support the local community and non-governmental organizations in India in the following cases:

  • Child health, shelter, & education
  • Enabling the challenged and disabled to be self-sufficient
  • Food bank, medicines, homelessness, and disaster relief
  • Chronic and life-threatening disease treatment

Locally we will continue to support Inglis House locally to foster the growth of the adaptive technology program that allows the disabled residents of this nursing home to use technology to communicate with the outside world:

Over the next couple of years, locally you will see us host the following types of events with your phenomenal support in Philadelphia, PA, USA (including but not limited to):

  • Indian classical and contemporary dance recitals (in collaboration with Nava Nritya Dance Academy Inc)
  • Social events (e.g. Wine and Cheese parties, Bowling night etc.
  • Community service days: e.g. clothes drives, lemonade stands, walks
  • Internet based fundraising campaigns