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As you begin a new season of giving….

Children’s Healthcare

Children’s Healthcare

Enable a child through much needed healthcare to someone who cannot even afford a meal?

Empower the Disabled

Empower the Disabled

Empower the disabled to be independent?

Help to the needy

Help to the needy

Enrich someone’s life who has no roof to live under, to follow his/her dreams?

Let us answer for you: YOU WILL DO ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Ray of Hope International Foundation (a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization) is a global charity focused on raising funds for underprivileged children and families in the USA and India. Ray of Hope will also develop its own programs to have a strong social impact.

Our mission is to support a wide range of charitable organizations and special causes in targeted communities to foster, enhance, and empower socio-economical, educational, financial, cultural, creative, and intellectual growth of the underprivileged by focusing on utmost specific needs and projects.

What’s new?

Come join us at Nava Nritya Dance Academy’s annual charity recital Mantra on Sunday June 18th, 2017, benefiting Ray of Hope International Foundation. The recital features Indian classical dances in 7 languages presented by ~70 amazing dancers, as they dance to impact over 120,000 lives in India and US. Please check out our Evite for more information and event details, or click here to make a donation to our cause.


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We are located in Wayne, PA just outside of Philadelphia. Send us an email, give us a call, or connect with us on social media if you want to learn more.